Custom Stone Modelling

Street Plaques & House numbers

We produce street plaques of stone or marble, we also manufacture house numbers. There is every possibility of design and customization.
Stone is one of the most resistant materials outdoor, so the stone plaques are one of the best solutions for creating elements that resist the passage of time and complies with its memorial function.
There is the possibility of engrave badges and custom shapes.

If you need a street plaque or a house number please contact us and we will make a personal offer.

Customization Options:
  • Design: All designs are possible, shapes, colors, fonts, decorations, etc.
  • Material: Please visit our materials section.
  • Size: All sizes are possible.
  • Complements: we can supply decorative subjection pieces of brass or stainless steel.
Prices: Shipping and taxes not included.

White Marble street plaque 40cm.x30cmx2cm.
White marble street plaque 40cm.x30cmx2cm. Only text, without decorations. Edges polished.

139 Depending of units
Black Granite memorial plaque 40cm.x30cmx2cm.
Black south africa granite street plaque 40cm.x30cmx2cm. Only text, without decorations. Edges polished.
149 Depending of units
White Marble house number 14cmx14cmx2cm.
White marble house number 14cm.x14cmx2cm. Only text, without decorations. Edges polished.
55 Depending of units


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white marble street plaque

black granite street plaque

white marble house number