Custom Stone Modelling

Custom Stone Clocks.

We can produce custom clocks using stone and marble, there is every possibility of design and customization.
There is the possibility of engrave logos and custom shapes. An interesting material for this product can be Silestone, this material has a wide range of colors, please visit our
materials section. Our clocks are not designed for an outdoor use.

 If you need an special desing please contact us and we will make a personal offer.

Customization Options:
  • Design: All designs are possible, shapes, colors, fonts, decorations, etc.
  • Material & Colors: Please visit our materials section.
  • Size: All sizes are possible depending of the mechanical clock .
Prices: Shipping and taxes not included.

Round Silestone clock 25cm.x25cm.
Round silestone clock 25x25cm. for wall. Only numbers engraved.

134 depending of units 


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custom silestone clock

custom marble clock