Custom Stone Modelling

Stone Monoliths

We manufacture stone monoliths of all measures. We work from large stone blocks of different materials.
These monoliths are usually one or more regular faces with different finishes.
There is a possibility to engrave text or custom designs, please visit our 
engraving section for more information.


Customization Options:
  • Design: The monoliths can be irregular but usually have one or more regular faces.
  • Material: It is not easy to find easily blocks of all types of stone, please contact us.
  • Size: The size can be very large but always depends on the stone block available.
  • Engravings: We can engrave shapes, text, decorations, etc. Visit our engraving section.
  • Custom works: Sometimes monolith can become an item in which to mix different materials and forms, please contact us for special orders.
Prices: Shipping and taxes not included.

Grey Limestone Monolith 190cmx130cmx30cm.   aprox.
This is an approximate price of a monolith cost.
190x130x30 Grey limestone without engravings.


depending of size and engravings 
Custom Monolith.
Normally the monoliths are pieces of different sizes depending on the capabilities of each material. Each job is different and has a different cost. Please contact us to get an idea of your project cost.




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marble engraved monolith

stone engraved monolith

stone monoliths