Custom Stone Modelling


Photoceramic is a photograph reproduced on a ceramic surface.
It offers great weather resistance and great resistance to sunlight, so the photoceramic is the right choice for outdoor use. (A photograph on paper has no resistance for outdoor use).
With this technique can reproduce any image with a good definition, but you can not expect the same quality as in a photographic paper.
The photoceramic has different options of shapes and sizes, typically is installed in vertical support and may be accompanied by a frame of brass or stainless steel.

Prices: Shipping and taxes not included.

Parchment photoceramic.

  • Sizes(cm.): 26x13, 10x5, 16x9, 31x15.
  • Options: Colors, Sepia, Black&White, Text, Pictures. 

Parchment photoceramic 16cmx9cm. Color  Price:107

parchment photoceramic

Oval photoceramic.

  • Sizes(cm.): 5x7, 6x8, 7x9, 8x10, 9x12.
  • Options: Colors, Sepia, Black&White, Text, Pictures. 

Oval photoceramic 5cmx7cm. Color  Price:79

oval photoceramic

Book photoceramic.

  • Sizes(cm.): 20x24, 13x20, 24x30.
  • Options: Colors, Sepia, Black&White, Text, Pictures. 

Book photoceramic 20cmx13cm. Color  Price:225

 book photoceramic


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