Custom Stone Modelling

Stone Milling & Sculpting

Stone milling process is used to create modeled parts from a computerized design.
The stone is a brittle material and that is why each piece has to be studied separately.
To make the modeled piece we need a  3D model, that can be virtual or a real model of wood or clay. On special occasions we can also scan the object or figure from photographs.
Independent of the above we also have a sculptor who specializes in making handmade sculptures.

This technique we have used in the manufacture of heraldic shields, badges, human figures, busts, bas-relief, stone sinks, relief terrain models, etc.

If you are interested in a personalized study you can contact our technical service and we give you advice for your particular case.

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stone and marble milling and sculpting

CNC computer assisted stone sculpting and milling:

CNC computer assisted stone sculpting CNC computer assisted stone sculpting